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Sunflower at Kansas Maze


Since the beginning of Kansas Maze we have always tried to "think outside of the box" when it comes to creating this business and all the opportunities surrounding it.  Some things worked...some things didn't, but we continue to adapt and make changes along the way, always with the goal of creating a fun and welcoming experience for our guests.  

Two of our most recent and growing events are our Sunflower Trail Run, which we began in 2019 and our Sunflower Craft Market, in 2020.  Each of these events are unique from each other and draw different types of crowds.  We are currently on mark to be hosting over 100 vendors and thousands of visitors on craft market day alone.  

What Does This Mean For You?
We want to share this with you!  We have the opportunity to partner with you and other local businesses to receive the exposure that can be gained from all the guests that visit our farm each fall.  

Are you the type that likes to "think outside of the box" also?  If you are, we would like to offer you several opportunity levels where you can advertise your business to all those we reach through our Sunflower Festival, Trail Run and Craft Market.  

Click the link below to view our pdf which will explain this offer in further details.  If you have any questions for us or other ideas, we'd love to hear from you!  Just use this contact form or directly email us at


Field of Sunflowers
Aerial view of runners at trail run

Trail Run

Runner nearing the finish line

Our trail run is held the last Saturday of August each year.  

Registrations are open to participants all year long.  

Click HERE for more info.

Runners at Sunflower Trail Run
Vendors at Sunflower Craft Market

Sunflower Craft Market

Vendor at Sunflower Craft Market

Our craft market is held the Saturday of Labor Day weekend each year.  Click HERE for more info.  

Close up of sunflower at Kansas Maze
Musician at Sunflower Craft Market
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